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Celebrating a Heartwarming Surrogate Reunion for Pride Month

Originally posted on Yahoo on Jun 17, 2024.

At SurrogateFirst, we are thrilled to share a touching story in celebration of Pride Month. Our wonderful surrogate, Zarah Hilliard, was recently reunited with 20-month-old Caleb and his loving dads, Randall Thomas and Daryl Garcia, for the first time since his birth.

Captured by Yahoo, this emotional reunion highlights the profound connections formed through surrogacy and the joy of building families in all their beautiful forms. Zarah’s journey, inspired by her desire to help others, reflects the spirit of compassion and love that defines our community.


Zarah’s bond with Randall and Daryl, formed through our program, has blossomed into a lifelong connection, exemplifying the unique, heartwarming relationships surrogacy can create. This reunion, especially during Pride Month, is a celebration of love and the diverse ways families come together. Thank you, Zarah, for your incredible generosity and for helping build a beautiful family. Watch the full story here.

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