Surrogacy Webinar: Top 5 Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Agency


Experienced surrogates share their Top 5 'must ask' questions when selecting a surrogacy agency. You don't want to miss this interesting discussion about evaluating what type of agency is right for you. 

  1. Agency & Staff History – who are they and what are their core values?  
  2. Support & Availability - is someone always available for emergencies? 
  3. Red Flags - in-house lawyers and escrow? Why are these potential Red Flags?  
  4. Screening Requirements – why pre-qualification is a must!   
  5. Compensation & Benefits - transparency and what items are clearly stated in agreement? 

These are just some of the key questions of many more that should be asked and verified about any agency or provider that you consider to partner with. Surrogacy journeys can take up to 12-18 months to complete so selecting a strong and competent partner is crucial. Check out this informative surrogacy webinar in its entirety below!

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