Why Choose Surrogate First as your surrogacy Agency?

Every team member at SurrogateFirst has been personally in the process you are starting now. As such, we know first-hand the emotional roller coaster Intended Parents have gone through to bring them to the decision of using a surrogate to realize their dreams of having children. 

Rich of those experiences, we strive to create the best, state of the art surrogacy program to support more people, like ourselve, like you.

We look forward to helping you realize your dreams just as we did.

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"As intended parents ourselves, we understand the risk and the financial burden of the process. It is dear to our heart to alleviate it as much as possible for others on the same journey.”

No Match, no Fee.  

We Invest with you

SurrogateFirst’s “No Match, No Fee Guarantee Program” ensures you will be matched with your Surrogate before paying any fees.

Nomatch Nofee

We first schedule 1-on-1 consult to understand your requirements. Apply here

Zero risk with no financial obligation in signing our Agency Agreement

Your can Preview our pre-screened available surrogate profiles, free of charge

The deposit of 50% is due only after a successful match is confirmed

100% Of Our Surrogates Are Pre-Screened

SurrogateFirst screens all surrogate, at our cost, before presenting them for review. Our extensive vetting process ensures highly qualified surrogates; therefore, reducing the matching times and ensuring safe and successful journeys for all:

First, we make sure each surrogate fullfils the following strict requirements to ensure a successful pregnancy.

When a surrogate applies with SurrogateFirst, she will fill out an informational questionnaire to determine whether she meets the requirements them.

Additionally, we get to know our surrogates; we ask detailed questions to learn their personalities, family circumstances and why they are choosing surrogacy.

We meticulously collect all surrogate medical records and make sure they have OB’s approval to complete a successful surrogate journey.

We check all members of her household over age 18 and proceed to a Drug Screening.

We make sure our surrogates our financially stable and not receiving any government assistance.

SurrogateFirst completes an initial insurance benefits inquiry to see if your surrogate’s insurance is likely to cover surrogacy. If it is not likely to cover insurance, your Case Manager will work with our expert insurance brokers to get you the best quote available that is unique to your situation.

we know how to do it right

Every team member at SurrogateFirst has been through the surrogate journey either as Intended Parents or as surrogates so we have first-hand knowledge of what is required to have a successful and rewarding surrogate journey. 

Because of our experiences, we are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about helping others who are going through this process. 

Services for intended parents

  • Medical records screening with OBGYN clearance letter
  • Mental health screening
  • Background checks
  • Intake Interview with  each surrogate
  • We have 15-20 prequalified available surrogates ready for review at any given time.
  • We thoroughly review your Intake Form and requirements to only present the best and most qualified profiles for your review.
  • All of our match meetings are highly coordinated and well planned beforehand to ensure success.
  • All basic terms and conditions are agreed upon before our match meetings to manage both parties’ expectations ahead of time.
  • Match meetings usually take place online via Zoom with the Surrogate, Intended Parent and your SurrogateFirst Case Manager.
  • All of our Case Managers are experienced surrogates and equipped to manage all situations.
  • SurrogateFirst prides itself in its accessibility and availability to serve our Intended Parents – no question or concern is too minor to ask and reach out.
  • Intended Parents’ main point of contact is your Case Manager; however, you will have access to reach other team members in case of an emergency or for updates anytime.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive cost sheet prior to signing the contract.
  • We provide full disclosure throughout your journey so you are aware of every expense.
  • Involves coordination with IVF clinic, OBGYN, and pharmacy as needed.
  • We serve as the one point of contact for all parties involved.
  • We coordinate your surrogate’s travel to and from your IVF Clinic.
  • Surrogates will travel to your clinic for medical screening and the embryo transfer
  • We review your surrogate’s insurance to see if it can be used for surrogacy.
  • We help you find the most cost-effective insurance plan if your surrogate does not have surrogate-friendly insurance.
  • We determine a life insurance policy that is the best fit for your surrogate. 
  • We ensure that the life insurance policy covers both the surrogate and the Intended Parents
  • We provide you with referrals to attorneys across the country who specialize in fertility. 
  • We assist you in selecting an attorney who you feel is a good fit.
  • We assist you in finding a reputable escrow company.
  • We serve as the liaison between you and the escrow company so you don’t have to worry about payment disbursements.
  • We assist you in preparing your Pre-Birth or Post-Birth Order legal documents.
  • At birth, we ensure you will have all the parental documentation.
  • Surrogate’s get customized fitness & nutrition plans from our expert health professionals.
  • Surrogate’s get personal coaching to ensure they are following their plans.
  • Case Manager’s check in with your surrogates on a weekly basis, if not more, to ensure all of her needs are being met.
  • Case Manager’s ensure surrogates are taking their prescribed injections/medications
  • We review your surrogate’s insurance to see if it can be used for surrogacy.
  • We help you find the most cost-effective insurance plan if your surrogate does not have surrogate-friendly insurance.

We Speak your language, in every way!

International clients require specialized knowledge and experience to meet their unique needs specific to each country. Our team is experienced and experts in international surrogacy. SurrogateFirst team members include native French, Spanish and Chinese speakers. We also possess specialized surrogacy knowledge specific to your country surrogacy needs ; we are Culturally attuned with the values and norms of our international clients. 

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Ashley Mareko
Surrogate Program Director
4 times surrogate
Speaks EN
Stephanie Gutierrez
Case Manager
2 times surrogate
Speaks EN, SP
Maxime Lebouteiller
Intake Intended Parent Coordinator
Speaks EN, FR
Lina & Jeff
Founder & Director
Parents of 2 surro babies
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Why Choose SurrogateFirst for gay parents?

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50% of our Intented Parents are same sex couples

Connecting you with our specialized networks (clinics, legal, etc.)

Supporting you find an egg donor

SurrogateFirst is a proud sponsor of the Men Having Babies (MHB) GPAP Program which offers partial scholarships to Intended Fathers who qualify.  

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