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Surrogate First Postpartum Wellness Program

Welcome your 4th Trimester Tribe!

Where Every Surrogate's Postpartum Journey Matters!

As surrogates we recognize the vital need for comprehensive support beyond delivery.

Many surrogates, irrespective of their agency affiliation, find themselves navigating the postpartum period alone, with little guidance.

With our program ‘Empowering Surrogates: Nurturing Bonds, Fostering Wellness’, we intend to fill this need with your help. Our team, comprised of experienced surrogates and coordinators, understands the unique challenges surrogates face post-delivery. At SurrogateFirst, we’ve created this safe space to ensure that no surrogate feels isolated or shamed while processing the transformative journey they embarked on to change a family’s life forever. 

Why Join?

Join us for community support, monthly group mental health sessions, custom health and wellness programs, and a fellow surrogate-safe space to communicate and ask questions. This is a 100% free resource for all surrogates, because, in our tribe, every surrogate’s postpartum journey matters! 

You may not be a surrogate with SurrogateFirst, but you’re a valued member of our 4th Trimester Tribe. Here, we stand united in providing the support and understanding you deserve during this crucial phase of your surrogacy adventure. 

Welcome to a community where you’re never alone, and where your journey truly matters! 

What is included

Professional Postpartum Nutrition, Exercise & Weight Loss Plan

Professional Postpartum Mental Health Resources

Access to a 3-week hormone reset program   


Discussions led by mental health counselors on postpartum topics

Safe place to seek advice from peers & professional

How to get started?  

It’s 100% FREE for all Surrogates!

Did you know Surrogate first has a 16 months wellness program included?

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