How much does Surrogacy cost?

Understanding the full extent of surrogacy costs with a strong financial plan is critical to any successful journey.

Our goal is to make it as easy and transparent as possible for you to plan.

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The Surrogacy Cost Calculator provides a precise estimate specific to your unique journey based on 6 major categories:

  • Surrogate Compensation
  • Insurance
  • Egg Donation
  • Medical expenses
  • Admin Expenses
  • Legal Expenses

You can find detailed infomation in the section below.

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What is the SurrogateFirst fixed cost program?

Fixed Cost - controled risk - Peace of mind

Fixed cost Program
$ 0

Our Fixed Cost Program (FCP) provides Intended Parents the security of paying one fixed price for your surrogate’s fees and expenses for a single embryo transfer. There are NO unexpected expenses and NO uncertainty of variable costs.

FCP + Baby Guarantee
$ 0

Our Baby Guarantee offers Intended Parents unlimited transfers for a fixed price, plus 100% refund of our agency fee plus unused third-party funds if you do not bring home a baby. Covers any associated complications.

Professio-nal Fees

Surrogate Recruitment, Drug Panel Pre-screen, Background Check, Matching, Legal, Escrow, Notary, Re-matche


Basic Compensation, Benefits, Travel, Lost Wages, Local Monitoring, Annual Wellness Program, C-section

Maternity costs & Insurance

Health Insurance Premium Payment & Deductibles, Complications, Life Insurance, Verification, Back-up Policy


IVF & Embryo transfer

Embryo Creation, GC Medical Clearance Screening, Transfer Procedure and Meds

Payment timeline

3 simple milestones following the process

  • First payment - At match. $59,000

    = Surrogacy program agency fee ($40,000), Surrogate Legal ($9,000), Surrogate advance expenses ($10,000)

  • Second payment - At Legal $93,000

    = Surrogate Base Compensation (from $40,000) Surrogate Variable Expenses ($26,000), Intended Parents Contracts and PBO ($7,000), Insurance Expenses ($20,000)
    *If IP's select a surrogate whose Base Compensation exceeds $35,000, they will be responsible for additional costs.

  • Additional Program Expenses (Fixed Optional Costs)

    Additional per Embryo Transfer Expenses – Fixed Cost Program Only ($10,000), Multiple Embryo Transfer/Twins ($20,000), VIP Program/International ($10,000)

Additional Expenses Estimated

The following are to be planned for separately (not included in the program):

  • IVF Expenses: screening, medication, transfer (with existing embryos) est. $10,000
  • IVF Expenses: embryo creation, medications, transfer (additional PGS) est. $40,000
  • Variable Costs: pumping, special diet request, upgrades in travel est. $5,000
  • Newborn Expenses (if no insurance) est. $5,000
  • Egg Donation (if necessary) est. $20,000

What detailed costs are involved in surrogacy?

Item Per Item


Surrogate Total Compensation consists of four main sections: Base Compensation, Expenses, Benefits & Services; Reimbursable Expenses and Circumstantial Medical Compensation.



1. Surrogate Base Compensation

The Surrogate Base Fee is the compensation they are given for being pregnant and acting as a gestational carrier. 





1st time Surrogate


Repeat Surrogate



1st time Surrogate


Repeat Surrogate

2. Surrogate Related Expenses

  • Travel Expenses: GC & GC Companion Cycle Appointments - Med screen $1,000
  • Travel Expenses: GC & GC Companion Cycle Appointments - Transfer $2,500


3. Surrogate Benefits & Services

The Surrogate Base Fee is the compensation they are given for being pregnant and acting as a gestational carrier. 

Surrogate paid Expenses, Additional Compensation & Bonusses

Those include the expenses the surrogate will encounter during the process, which are paid directly by the parents as well as additional compensations due in specific circumstances and bonusses granted for reaching certain steps of the surrogacy process.

  • Monthly Allowance @ Signing $350
  • Mock Cycle Bonus $500

    Based on IVF medical protocol

  • Start of Medication Bonus $500
  • Transfer Carrier Bonus $1,500
  • Successful First Transfer Bonus $3,000
  • Maternity Clothing $1,000
  • Milk Pumping $350/week
  • Childcare $500

    Doctor appointment and other duties; estimated $100 per occasion

  • Welcome Package Included
  • Psychological Counseling $1,000
  • Massage Therapy $250

    During 3rd trimester with doctor approval with a certified massage therapist

  • Wellness Plan 12 Months $800


4. Reimbursable Expenses and Circumstantial Medical Compensation

  • Lost Wages – Surrogate Varies
  • Lost Wages – Spouse (Up to) 10 days
  • (In Case Of) Bedrest – Childcare + Housekeeping $400/week
  • Housekeeping Allowance - From The 3rd Trimester $300/month
  • Childcare During Selected Procedures up to $500

    For instance: IVF, high risk, delivery related hostipalization appointments
    Estimated $100 per occasion

  • Delivery Via C-Section Compensation $4,000
  • Multiple Births Per Additional Baby: $10,000
  • Other Possible Costs: Lost Organs, Mock Cycle, Cycle Canceling Fee, Invasive Procedure, etc. (Refer to Surrogate Compensation Sheet Various Some costs can be covered by insurance if applied before embryo transfer) TBD

$ Varies


Health insurance is paid throughout the entire pregnancy term with many options. In certain cases, surrogates will already have existing coverage from their own employer or under the policy of their spouse.

Surrogate Insurance Fees

  • Surrogate Life Insurance $1,400

    Insuring: 700K + Lost Organ Rider

  • Health Insurance Search & Application Submission (Optional) $500
  • Surrogate Insurance Reimbursement & Deductibles $13,000

    Annual coverage if GC doesn't have surrogate friendly insurance

Parents & Infants Insurance fees

  • Newborn Insurance Search & Application $500
  • Insurance for Intended Parent & New Born Singleton TBD



Egg donation

Egg Donation is necessary in cases where you will be using a 3rd partner to create embryos. This usually includes working through an agency, compensating the donor and all related testing and travel costs.

  • Matching Expenses, Estimated Legal & Screening Expenses Est. $10,000
  • Egg Donor Fee From $10,000
  • Egg Retrieval Process $10-15,000
  • Agency Fees $10,000



Medical Expenses

Medical related fees include Administrative, IVF Treatment Cycle, Testing, Monitoring and Storage cost factors that involve multiple vendors before, during and after the journey. The prices are listed per transfer, excluding IVF medical expense which is directly paid to clinics & pharmacies.

  • Hospital Medical Cash Pay for Full-Term New Born Care Ext. Singleton $1-4K, Twins $10K

    Note: Due upon Baby(ies) Hospital Discharge

  • IVF transfer cost At your discretion

    Note: check if you have it as a benefit from employer

  • Outside monitoring cost At your discretion

    Note: check if you have it as a benefit from employer

  • Delivery cost At your discrection

    Nore: check what is covered by your insurance

  • Surrogate Compensation Item related to the transfer (see above): Mock Cycle fee, Start of Medication Bonus, Transfer Bonus $5,500



Administrative Services

Administrative fees are primarily the cost of agency services that can assist you to navigate and manage the entire journey from searching for surrogates, matching, monitoring and pre-birth and post birth services.

Agency Fees

  • Base Agency Fee $40,000
  • + Additional for California Surrogate + $3,000
  • + Additional for International Fee + $5-10,000
  • Surrogate Annual Wellness Program ($800) Incl. in Base fee

Screening Fees

  • Surrogate Criminal and Financial Background Check
    (Value = $300)
    Incl. in Agency Fee
  • Surrogate Psychological screening (Value $700) Incl. in Agency Fee
  • Health Insurance Verification (optional) $350
  • Medical Clearance Appointment Travel Deposit for GC & GC Companion $1,000

    Fees vary depending on location of GC and IVF Clinic

  • IP Criminal Background Investigation $300

Escrow Management Fee

  • Escrow Management Fee $1,800



Legal Services

Legal fees are to draft and review Surrogate Agreement and Parentage Contracts that cover compensation and other key terms to ensure a safe and smooth journey with all parties expectations met.

Note: Fees vary depending on different state (For more information, check our legal map)

  • Prospective Parent Attorney Fee - Drafting $3,000
  • Surrogate Attorney Fee - Review $1,500
  • Surrogate Contract Notary Fee $150
  • Legal Birth Order Arrangements - PBO $5,500



What are the Payment milestones?

Week 1-8

At Start of Surrogacy search

Including: Prescreening, access to DB, etc.

No, it’s not a typo. Starting the process with us is free! More about our No Match, No Fee policy


Week 9

At Match

When we sign the Agency Agreement

Due: 50% of the agency fee plus additional 10,000 in escrow (for legal fees)


Week 16

At Legal Clearance

Paid to agency: 50% Agency Fee

Paid Through Release full funds on 3rd Party Deposit on Escrow Account: $70,000.00 **:

  •  Total Surrogate Compensation
  • Remaining Legal (birthing order) and Screening fees (IP Criminal Background Investigation (if req))
  • Medical fees
  • Escrow Management Fee


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