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Our story became our Mission

SurrogateFirst was born from Lina and Jeff’s personal journey of years of infertility, travel around the world to seek advice from IVF experts and many failed transfers and personal loss. It was a challenging and time-consuming process that finally culminated in beautiful twin daughters through surrogacy.

As word got out about their surrogacy journey, friends started asking them for advice and guidance to help themselves or other loved ones. They realized there was a need for a professional comprehensive platform accompanied with care and empathy to help surrogates and intended parents navigate the surrogacy process. 

Today SurrogateFirst’s team is comprised of experienced surrogates and intended parents across ten US states and Asia with the mission of making the surrogacy journey as smooth, safe and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. SurrogateFirst loves everyday on the job because there able to deliver one blessing at a time to families in need.

The Core Values We Live By


  • We Delight Our Intended Parents & Surrogates
  • We Go the Extra Mile
  • We Over Deliver

Guidance with Compassion & Expertise

  • People You Can Trust
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Honnest & Transparent


  • Available 24/7
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Over Communicate

What our Parents of Surro Babies say about the program

Meet our Team




Since 2009, I have consulted thousands of couples through their IVF cycles and have successfully guided over 200+ Intended Parents and Surrogates, from around the world, in their surrogate journeys. From this experience and my belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent, I founded SurrogateFirst to meet the growing demands for transparency and professionalism in the world of surrogacy. SurrogateFirst’s entire team consists of experienced Surrogates and Intended Parents who serve our clients with expertise, compassion, respect and genuine love. We are excited and honored to assist you in your journey!

My journey started out like most intended parents with the inability to conceive accompanied by many failed IVF cycles leaving my husband and I emotionally and financially spent. During our 6 year journey across 4 countries and numerous failed IVF cycles, we were finally blessed by our Surrogate with healthy twins. We are forever grateful to our Surrogate and those that guided us through our journey.

Prior to guiding Intended Parents in their surrogate journeys, I founded Atomic Recruitment in 2003 where I served as a Human Resources expert, finding and matching executive talent for F500 companies. We were able to grow to 200 employees across 5 offices in China. Everyday I bring the same determination of never giving up and quest for perfection to provide professionalism to our Surrogates and Intended Parents.

Jeff Headshot

As an intended parent struggling for almost a decade to start a family I intimately understand the challenges (and joy) of navigating the surrogacy journey. I find great joy and accomplishment working at SurrogateFirst with truly caring and dedicated professionals. At SurrogateFirst I lead our marketing efforts and business operations to ensure an excellent experience for all that come across our services – either potential surrogates, intended parents or professional partners. I have over 20 years in the service industry building and managing teams with great shared culture and values. 

I look forward to working with you in starting (or expanding) your family one blessing at a time!

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Ashley Mareko

Surrogate Program Director

Aloha, I’m Ashley Mareko, the Surrogate Program Director here at Surrogate First. I have the honor of helping our clients through the clearance process and finding the right match for Intended Parents and Surrogates. I am a three-time surrogate who has traveled halfway across the world to visit my surrogate families I helped. I never imagined working in this field but cannot picture myself anywhere else. I was one of the first surrogates to sign with SurrogateFirst and the first official employee aside from our amazing founders.

Being born and raised in Hawaii instilled the importance of Ohana (family) and the concept of Hanai (adoption/foster). Growing up in Hawai’i, it was not uncommon for family members to raise each other children or friend’s children. Family is Family in Hawai’i no matter how your family came to be. This value has been written in my heart, and as an adult, when my husband and I dealt with secondary infertility, I realized the pain others who suffer from infertility go through. I learned about surrogacy and knew this is what I could do to help others. I have since helped two families bring three sweet babies earthside.

I love working with SurrogateFirst. While it is not always rainbows and unicorns, watching families grow through IVF and surrogacy has been a blessing. The foundation that SurrogateFirst is built on is what I searched for in a company all my life. Our founders treat us with love and respect while pushing us to achieve a higher standard and grow personally and professionally. Problem-solving gets me excited, and when dealing with people and surrogacy, there is a high chance that as an agency, we will need to step in to solve, correct, or put out a fire with little time to spare. The goal is to allow Intended Parents and Surrogates to concentrate on their relationship and pregnancy, not worry about providers and problems. SurrogateFirst’s heart to help educate, support, and fight for our clients feeds my servant heart and brings confidence that I am doing the right thing for all clients I work with. I am thankful for the lifetime friends and family that have grown from the journeys I have been part of. One of the most significant benefits of working for SurrogateFirst is that I work remotely and have the freedom to travel. My husband and Daughter have health issues, and I can travel to specialists and give my family the best quality of life. As my role expands with SurrogateFirst; our family is heading out onto the road to meet our clients and share surrogacy with communities country-wide. Follow my social media handles to see where I am going next; and maybe we can grab a coffee or lunch!


Kelly Gaspar

Surrogate Intake Specialist
Aloha! I am Kelly Gaspar, Surrogate Intake Specialist at SurrogateFirst, and I am in charge of requesting medical records for the wonderful candidates applying to become a surrogate. I work with the applicants to identify who their OB’s and hospitals were and then request copies of the records which will be used to verify internally and with intended parents IVF Clinics that an applicant is a viable option for surrogacy. I am always available to walk our applicants through the medical record screening process.

I was introduced to the “world” of surrogacy while watching my daughter provide the gift of life through surrogacy to another family. To know that she was able to answer their prayers and dreams to grow their family, and see the joy of the new parents, stirred up a desire to also be of assistance. I am blessed to experience the growth of many families everyday, and even make new family and friends along the way!

I have a beautiful family, my children are all grown and have their own families and are between Las Vegas, California, and Hawaii. I love to spend my time travelling between those places to spend time with (and spoil) my grandchildren.


Maxime Lebouteiller

Intake Intended Parent Coordinator

Maxime is the Intended Parent Coordinator for SurrogateFirst for all its European clients. Maxime is originally from Paris, France completing high school in the US before acquiring his business degree in France. Before SurrogateFirst, he worked for 4 years in the field of surrogacy helping couples through surrogacy. As the Intended Parent Intake Coordinator, he enjoys helping people around the world make their dream of becoming parents come true.

He loves working closely with families, solving problems and helping them understand the different steps of the journey. His many years of experience working in Customer Service combined with her ability to understand people from different cultures helps Max manage the various aspects of the complicated process of surrogacy

When he is not at work, Maxime enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing music or participating in various artistic activities.

Maxime a grandi à Paris, France, et venu vivre aux États-Unis il y a 10 ans. Il a terminé ses études secondaires et a étudié a l’école de commerce l’INSEEC.

Avant de travailler avec SurrogateFirst, il a travaillé pendant 4 ans avec une autre agence GPA aidant les couples à travers leur projet de famille. Il a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec les familles, résolvant les problèmes et les aidant à comprendre les différentes étapes du processus. Ses nombreuses années d’expérience dans le service à la clientèle combinées à sa capacité à comprendre des personnes de différentes cultures aident Maxime à gérer les divers aspects du processus compliqué de GPA. En tant que coordonnateur de parents d’intention, il aime aider les gens du monde entier à réaliser leur rêve de devenir parents.

Lorsqu’il n’est pas au travail, Maxime aime passer du temps avec sa famille et ses amis, jouer de la musique ou pratiquer diverses activités artistiques.

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Karina Hofacker

Surrogate Intake Coordinator
Hello! My name is Karina Hofacker, I am an Intake Coordinator here at Surrogate First! My job is to recruit and guide new potential surrogates through the beginning steps of their journey. To educate and be ‘their person’ for the exciting steps they are making towards being a surrogate!

A little about me, we currently live on a small island off Florida, our little slice of heaven!  My husband and I had our 4 beautiful whirlwind kids while he was in the military. So I know the difficulty and joy a new beginning can bring. That is one of the reasons I was so blessed to be able to give 2 wonderful families their own new beginnings, as a gestational surrogate, when I had two little boys. I couldn’t have asked for better journeys and would love to share everything I can about the amazing world of Surrogacy!

Elisabeth Casey

Elizabeth Casey

Case Manager

Hello! I’m Elizabeth Casey, four-time Surrogate and Case Manager for the Surrogacy and Egg Donor Programs at SurrogteFirst and EggDonorFirst.  I reside in Texas with my husband, two children, & our German Shepherd. (And it’s true, we Texans LOVE football – GO COWBOYS!) 

My journey into surrogacy started when I was a single mom, working full-time & a full-time college student.  I met another surrogate at church and thought, “I love being pregnant, I would love to do that!”  I immediately started my first journey and knew I had found my calling. Each of my four journeys has been with a new family and a beautifully rewarding experience for everyone involved. The moment a baby is placed in its parents arms, knowing you helped make their dream come true – time stands still, it is unforgettable, indescribable, and honestly addicting (and why many surrogates including myself come back for “just one more!”) The connections with parents, the “belly-buddies” I helped bring earth side, & the joy that is created in this process is what it is all about.  I have been through the highs (and some heartbreaking lows) that come along with fertility, which has given me the empathy, compassion, and understanding for each person involved.  I am beyond blessed to now get to use my expertise to help walk with Intended Parents and Surrogates on their journey as well.” 


Stephanie Gutierrez

Case Manager

My name is Stephanie Gutierrez. I’m a bilingual Case Manager here at SurrogateFirst. I have the pleasure of working side by side with our Intended Parents and Surrogates through their journeys once they have officially matched. I am a two-time surrogate and have loved every part of the process! In addition to my role, I run the Spanish sector of SurrogateFirst. 

It’s been fulfilling to be able to provide a medium and safe place for additional support and guidance to the Spanish-speaking women who are interested in becoming surrogates and/or are already in the process.
I live in Texas with my husband, three children and two German Shepherds. Being a military family, Home is where the Army sends us. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and the many extra curriculars we have our kiddos enrolled in. You can find me either at soccer practice, piano lessons, tutoring or tee ball games. My children are my world, and all the more reason why I love what I do here at SurrogateFirst- helping families one blessing at a time.

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