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Top 5 Reasons for Surrogacy in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a popular place for people from around the world to target for their surrogacy journeys. Nevada boasts unique legal protections that help surrogates and intended parents in the process of bringing a child into the world,

With high IVF success rate and the safety of world class hospitals with top level US new facilities

Legal: NV is a pre-birth order state where surrogacy is legal and easy for intended parents.

Find all the information on our dedicated Nevada surrogacy law page.

Nevada insurance is surrogate friendly, saving costs for parents and offering a potential $5,000 bonus to surrogates.

SurrogateFirst has a dedicated team in Las Vegas, along with the best customer care. The team includes native English, Spanish, French and Chinese speakers.

Las Vegas offers a well connected international airport, 4 hospital facilities as well as NICU and of course also many entertainment options.

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Ashley Mareko

Surrogate Program Director

Aloha, I’m Ashley Mareko, the Surrogate Program Director here at Surrogate First. I have the honor of helping our clients through the clearance process and finding the right match for Intended Parents and Surrogates. I am a three-time surrogate who has traveled halfway across the world to visit my surrogate families I helped. I never imagined working in this field but cannot picture myself anywhere else. I was one of the first surrogates to sign with SurrogateFirst and the first official employee aside from our amazing founders.

Being born and raised in Hawaii instilled the importance of Ohana (family) and the concept of Hanai (adoption/foster). Growing up in Hawai’i, it was not uncommon for family members to raise each other children or friend’s children. Family is Family in Hawai’i no matter how your family came to be. This value has been written in my heart, and as an adult, when my husband and I dealt with secondary infertility, I realized the pain others who suffer from infertility go through. I learned about surrogacy and knew this is what I could do to help others. I have since helped two families bring three sweet babies earthside.

I love working with SurrogateFirst. While it is not always rainbows and unicorns, watching families grow through IVF and surrogacy has been a blessing. The foundation that SurrogateFirst is built on is what I searched for in a company all my life. Our founders treat us with love and respect while pushing us to achieve a higher standard and grow personally and professionally. Problem-solving gets me excited, and when dealing with people and surrogacy, there is a high chance that as an agency, we will need to step in to solve, correct, or put out a fire with little time to spare. The goal is to allow Intended Parents and Surrogates to concentrate on their relationship and pregnancy, not worry about providers and problems. SurrogateFirst’s heart to help educate, support, and fight for our clients feeds my servant heart and brings confidence that I am doing the right thing for all clients I work with. I am thankful for the lifetime friends and family that have grown from the journeys I have been part of. One of the most significant benefits of working for SurrogateFirst is that I work remotely and have the freedom to travel. My husband and Daughter have health issues, and I can travel to specialists and give my family the best quality of life. As my role expands with SurrogateFirst; our family is heading out onto the road to meet our clients and share surrogacy with communities country-wide. Follow my social media handles to see where I am going next; and maybe we can grab a coffee or lunch!

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