Ask a Surrogate

Every surrogacy has been a different experience and I have LOVED them all. Watching a family meet their baby for the first time is the most amazing experience.   I am proud to be a surrogate and honored to be able to bless other families by giving them the gift of children.”

Are you considering the life-changing gift of becoming a surrogate? Do you have your own questions about surrogacy and how the process might work for you? Ask Ashley Mareko, our resident surrogacy expert who not only works with SurrogateFirst, but has been in your shoes - Ashley is on her third surrogate journey. 

Surrogacy is an incredible journey - and a big decision. What is it really like to be a surrogate? And how might the surrogacy process work for you? If you have questions like these, it may be helpful to talk with someone who knows the process. You can talk to Ashley, SurrogateFirst’s Program Manager, who completed the process in 2016, 2018 and is currently in her third surrogate journey. Ashley can talk you through the decision-making process and share her own experiences as a gestational surrogate.

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