Estimated Cost Sheet & Timeline of Deposits - Single Cycle For Domestic IP
Item Amount ($) Due Upon
Agency Fee on Initial Match TBD Agency Contract Signed 50 %; upon Legal Clearance 50 %
Surrogate Criminal and Financial Background Check 250 Deposit on Signing Agency Contract
Home Evaluation 200 Deposit on Signing Agency Contract
Surrogate Psychological screening 400 Deposit on Signing Agency Contract
Health Insurance Verification 330 Deposit on Signing Agency Contract
Medical Clearance Appointment Travel Deposit for GC & GC Companion (Cost dependant on location of GC and IVF Clinic) 1,000 Deposit on Signing Agency Contract
Prospective Parent Attorney Fee - Drafting (1,000 - 2,500) 2,500 on Medical Clearance from IVF Doctor, fees various depends on different state
Surrogate Attorney Fee - Review 1,500
Surrogate Contract Notary Fee 150
Escrow Management Fee 1,500 Fund in 3rd Party Escrow Account on Legal Clearance $70,000.00
Life Insurance (lost organ coverage monthly) 250
Travel Expense: GC & GC Companion Cycle Appointments (Various) 1,000
Surrogate Life Insurance (300K-400K) 550
Health Insurance Search & Application Submission (if needed) 400
Health Insurance Payment Plan (if needed) 300
Surrogate Insurance Reimbursement & Deductibles (Annual) - If GC doesn't have surrogate friendly insurance 10,000 NOTE: It is required to keep a minimum $20,000 USD balance in escrow after surrogate is pregnant; otherwise intended parents are requested to replenish the escrow within 5 business days.
Annual Psychological Support Fee (10 Months) Optional
Surrogate Recreational Activities & Retreat (850$) Optional
Surrogate Annual Wellness Program 799
Surrogate Legal Clearance Fee 500
Injection Fee (Per Transfer) 250
Surrogate IVF Transfer (Per Transfer) 900
Fixed Surrogate Ccompensation per cycle (1st Time Non-CA 38,000 $38K, CA $43K; Repeat Non-CA $48K+, CA $53K+) 38,000
Fixed Surrogate Benefit*** (Appox. 400$/m please refer to Surrogate Compensation Sheet ) 7,000
Legal Birth Order Arrangements 6,500
IP Criminal Background Investigation (only if needed) 300
Total $100,000 - $120,000

Note: Excluding IVF medical expense which is directly paid to clinics & pharmacies.

Note: ****For detailed Surrogate Compensation $ Benefit please refer to Surrogate Compensation Sheet

Costs Excluding During Pregnancy
Item Amount ($) Due Upon
Surrogate Lost Wages TBD
Surrogate Bed Rest/Restricted Activity TBD $150 HouseKeeping / Week $250 Childcare / Week
Surrogate Child Care Assitance TBD $100 / Day
Cesarean Section Fee 3,000
Multiple Pregnancy (additional $5,000 per fetus) 5,000
Other Possible Costs: Lost Organs, Mock Cycle, Ccle Canceling Fee, Invasive Procedure, etc. Refer to Surrogate Compensation Sheet. Various
Total $8,000

This is only an estimated fee for one surrogate cycle. Item listed as TBD cannot be determined, and will be due at the time when it occurs.