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Surrogate Zarah featured on Fertility Forward Podcast

Originally aired on Fertility Forward Podcast on April 3, 2024.

Zarah, one of SurrogateFirst’s remarkable surrogates, was recently featured on Fertility Forward. Zarah’s journey embodies courage, compassion, and unwavering dedication to helping others build their families through surrogacy.

During the podcast, Zarah eloquently recounted her decision to become a surrogate, driven by a deep-seated desire to give the gift of life to a family facing infertility. She shared intimate details of the matching process, highlighting the profound connections formed with the intended parents and the immense joy she felt in being able to play a pivotal role in their journey to parenthood.

Throughout the conversation, she emphasized the importance of surrogates advocating for themselves and ensuring their voices are heard throughout the surrogacy journey. Supported by her partner, family, and friends, Zarah also utilizes her platform to educate and empower others about surrogacy, dispelling myths and misconceptions while providing invaluable guidance and support to those considering or embarking on their own surrogacy journey.

At SurrogateFirst, we’re incredibly proud to have Zarah as part of our surrogate community, and we invite you to listen to her story.

Stay tuned to the SurrogateFirst blog for more updates and discussions on surrogacy-related topics. 

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