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Our Surrogacy Agency Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES

Did you catch our surrogacy agency’s coverage in the esteemed New York Times publication this weekend? This was a huge win for the entire SurrogateFirst staff and supporting partners!

The NYTimes’ feature of our surrogacy agency’s efforts to bring families additional light and love into their lives went into depth of the surrogacy experiences had by a few key players of the SurrogateFirst team:

Mirjam Johns, our incredible surrogacy intake coordinator, was profiled in the New York times about her surrogacy experience during the recent global health crisis. 

surrogacy agency intake coordinator mirjam johns

Mirjam’s surrogacy journey was a unique one; due to a partial shutdown at the US passport services, worker shortages, Chinese visa inaccessibility and more, Ms. Johns was unable to deliver the baby to the intended parents (who were located in China) until seven months after its birth.

We commend her for her perseverance, strength and dedication during what was a truly trying period in world history. We’re happy to report the baby was safely delivered to the parents in China and is healthy!



Secondly, the New York Times covered SurrogateFirst team member and talented photographer, Shea Eschman!

Shea is pregnant with twins for a gay couple who live in Italy, and we couldn’t be more proud to see her play a pivotal role in making their dreams come true.

We look forward to her safe delivery of the twins this July!

surrogate for gay couple in italy 2022


Next, the New York Times’ surrogacy agency profile covered our essential surrogacy case manager, Tristen LaRue!

She is amidst her second surrogacy for an international couple, and we could be more proud and thankful of her efforts.

surrogacy case manager tristen larue


Lastly, the New York Times interviewed our surrogacy agency founder and director, Jeff Hu!

He described the difficulties and challenges faced by the agency during a worldwide health crisis. Intended parents had a variety of needs pertaining to vaccination status (Covid-19 can be passed onto the child in utero), and so managing the pairing of surrogates and intended parents with different needs became a standout opportunity for the entire SurrogateFirst team to show the world how ingenuity and togetherness can conquer all types of unforeseen challenges.

surrogatefirst team

Each member of our surrogacy agency contributes their time and energy every single day to help make us leaders in the surrogacy industry. 

Without them, none of this could be possible. 

Thanks again to everyone involved. If you’re ready to start your surrogacy journey or would like to speak with an experienced surrogate, contact us today!

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