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Unveiling the Heart of SurrogateFirst: CEO Jeff Hu’s Story

Originally published on VoyageLA Magazine on March 11, 2024.

Exciting news is on the horizon at SurrogateFirst! Our Co-founder, Jeff Hu, recently engaged in a profound conversation with VoyageLA Magazine, where he unveiled the essence of our organization. In this enlightening interview, Jeff delves into the origins of SurrogateFirst, our steadfast commitment to supporting intended parents and surrogates, and our vision for reshaping the surrogacy landscape.

Throughout the dialogue, Jeff’s passion for empowering families shines brightly, reflecting SurrogateFirst’s core values of compassion and innovation. We stand as a beacon of hope and guidance, providing a nurturing environment where dreams of parenthood are nurtured and realized. This interview beautifully encapsulates our dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of families worldwide.

Join us in celebrating Jeff’s inspiring narrative and our collective mission to redefine surrogacy as a journey of empowerment and possibility. Dive into the full interview here to discover the heart of SurrogateFirst and the vision propelling us forward.

Stay tuned to the SurrogateFirst blog for more updates and discussions on surrogacy-related topics.

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