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Telemundo Features Surrogatefirst Surrogates (2)
Press Article

Telemundo features SurrogateFirst surrogates

At SurrogateFirst, we’re excited to share some incredible news: our remarkable surrogates have been featured on Telemundo, where they’ve had the opportunity to share their inspiring journeys.

CEO Jeff Hu featured in Synchrony
Press Article

CEO Jeff Hu featured in Synchrony

Originally posted on Synchrony on February 20, 2024. We are excited to highlight our CEO, Jeff Hu, who recently shared his expertise in a compelling article by Synchrony, delving into

Surrogate Data2

Intended Parent Survey 2023

Unique intended parent survey from participants that started their families via surrogacy. Learn most recent surrogacy the trends, challenges and key advice from those who have experienced surrogacy.

What Does A Surrogacy Coordinator Do2 1024x1024

What does a Surrogacy Coordinator do, anyways?

Your surrogacy coordinator is there to lend a helping hand, and will play a major role in your surrogacy journey. Here’s what to know about the role of surrogacy coordinator

Financial Help For Surrogacy 1024x1024

Finding Financial Help for Surrogacy

Many people think it’s impossible to find financial help for surrogacy, including loans, grants and more, but in reality there are a variety of ways to get your surrogacy funded.

Surrogacy Insurance Options 480x480

Exploring Surrogacy Insurance Options

Health insurance is one of the most vital topics we discuss with intended parents and potential surrogate mothers. Some assume that their spouse’s health coverage will suffice and pay for