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Potential RISKS to Your Surrogacy? Surrogacy Webinar

Potential Risks to Surrogacy

Ashley Mareko, our wonderful three-time surrogate and Surrogacy Coordinator, shares her insights into the potential risks to being a surrogate.

surrogacy risks webinar

Although surrogacy is usually a safe and smooth process for all involved it is important to also understand the reality of the potential downsides. 

During this surrogacy webinar, Ashley shares her experiences on the physical impact the medical process of IVF and pregnancy can have on your health. 

She also shares the most common mental health and emotional issues that surrogates face and what surrogacy support networks are available. 

Lastly, she shares how to protect your finances from potential risks in discussing how compensation is funded and what fees you may (or may not) have responsibility.

Enjoy the webinar below!


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