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Surrogate Birth Plan [WEBINAR]

Learn about a Surrogate’s Birth Plan to understand how to end your surrogacy journey successfully. You need to have a well-planned surrogate birth plan firmly in place to be prepared for all the potential scenarios. Watch the webinar here: 

Join Ashley Mareko, an experienced surrogate, as she walks you through the different aspects of a “Surrogate Birth Plan”. Ashley will explain:

  • How to prepare
  • What to expect
  • What steps both surrogates and intended parents need to consider from a legal, personal, and baby’s perspective 
  • How to communicate an appropriate and warm “goodbye” 

Helping intended parents achieve their dreams of having children is the ultimate goal and a life-long blessing that only surrogates can give. 


Aloha I’m Ashley Mareko! As the Surrogate Program Manager my responsibilities are case management oversight, building company partner relationships and conducting business reviews to ensure clients are satisfied with our services.

I have been actively involved in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field for over five years working with clinics, surrogates and IP’s. Being a two-time surrogate has given me invaluable firsthand experience to the challenges and joys of the surrogate journey.

Born and raised on the big island of Hawaii has taught me the value of “ohana” (family), whether by blood or friendship. This strong tradition continues with providing support to our surrogate community and IP (intended parents) at SurrogateFirst.

I feel blessed to be doing what I love with a great agency that makes a difference in people’s lives!

My background in Education, Marketing, and Customer Service ensures that our clients and surrogates are well served with professional services. I am excited at the opportunity to be able to help you through this journey and have you fall in love with our SurrogateFirst family. 

Contact me using the below information!


o: 424.567.3703 f: 310.861.8088 


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