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Part of our mission is to share our learning on a broader scale and discussing the latest findings on the state of Surrogacy with others. For media & press enquiries, please contact Jeff at

CEO Jeff Hu featured in Synchrony
Press Article

CEO Jeff Hu featured in Synchrony

Originally posted on Synchrony on February 20, 2024. We are excited to highlight our CEO, Jeff Hu, who recently shared his expertise in a compelling article by Synchrony, delving into

Surrogatefirst Nytimes
Press Article

Our Surrogacy Agency Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES

Did you catch our surrogacy agency’s coverage in the esteemed New York Times publication this weekend? This was a huge win for the entire SurrogateFirst staff and supporting partners! The

Radio Health Journal Surrogacy Podcast Cover 1024x1024

Our Surrogacy Interview by Radio Health Journal

Each season, the SurrogateFirst team expands to new frontiers–all with the goal of informing the wider public about the world of surrogacy!

This month, our very own Surrogate Program Director, Ashley Mareko, guest featured on a commercial gestational surrogacy panel for Radio Health Journal.