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TOP 5 Surrogacy “Stereotypes” Explained

Surrogacy is commonly misunderstood and associated with misleading stereotypes of those that become gestational carriers. In today’s session we will share the TOP 5 most common stereotypes faced by surrogates and explain the reality behind them.


  1. You must make a lot of money!  
  2. I would never give up my child… how could you?! 
  3. Conception Misconceptions: Did you have to have sex?  
  4. Isn’t this hard for your children?  
  5. You know you’re being taken advantage of, right?  

Hear from three time surrogate, Ashley Mareko, Surrogate Program Director, as she breaks down each point and dives deeper into why society has developed these associations around surrogacy and educates us about the true nature or being a surrogate.  


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