SurrogateFirst’s NEW “build your own package” allows you to determine what’s most important in terms of base compensation, benefits and your stances on termination and vaccines. We promise fast matches with our large & diverse group of ready IP’s waiting to be matched! 

Step 1. Set Your Own Base Compensation

Each individual is unique and so is there expectations for base compensation that can be based on the state you live in that drives living expenses, your experience and knowledge of carrying out a successful surrogacy journey and most importantly own personal circumstances that may shape what compensation makes the most sense to you and your family. 

Step 2. Select Your Benefits

There are many benefits before and after pregnancy that surrogates may not be fully aware of and often determined without their input. You will now be able to have access to a full list of benefits with suggestions to guide you in determining what is fair for you and the intended parents. The goal is to ensure all benefits match surrogate basic needs & expectations.   

Step 3. Set Your Terms

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your beliefs and values match with those of your future intended parents on key issues. You set your stance on termination, vaccination policy and what type of intended parents you desire to match with. You should not be expected to compromise. SurrogateFirst will only provide you with an IP that meets your terms.