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LGBTQ+ Couples on Their Right to IVF and Surrogacy Report

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Report Overview

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51% surrogates & 68% IPs feel new rulings and bills will impact same-sex couples more
75% same-sex IPs are concerned about the new bills
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67% same-sex IPs surveyed are extremely concerned that IVF and surrogacy can be negatively impacted

Personhood Bills Impact Same-sex Couples More

LGBTQ+ couples and individuals are likely to be disproportionately affected if IVF treatments become inaccessible. Both surrogates (51%) and intended parents (68%) surveyed agree that the new rulings and bills will have a significantly negative impact on intended parents, especially same-sex couples. With fewer options for having children than straight couples, many same-sex couples rely on IVF and surrogacy as their only options for starting a family.

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As a young woman, I’d like to have children someday, if for no other reason than to pass on love & give my parents a grandchild.”

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Same-Sex Couples Planning Families Are Deeply Concerned

Same-sex couples are the most concerned about personhood bills, with 50% expressing they are “Extremely Concerned” about the negative impact of these bills, compared to 41% of those in traditional relationships. 


"Anyone who has struggled to conceive understands how mentally draining the process can be. These rulings have only added more mental distress for intended parents looking to have a child.”

Additionally, 67% of same-sex couples are “Extremely concerned” about the impact on IVF treatments and surrogacy, compared to 29% of traditional couples.

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Surrogate Openness to Help LGBTQ+ Intended Parents

Surrogates are open to carrying a baby for same-sex couples.

73% of surrogates working with agencies and 41% of independent surrogates are willing to work with LGBTQ+ intended parents.

Surrogates are increasingly open to carrying for all types of intended parents, especially same sex intended parents. The number of surrogates open to carrying for same sex intended parents increased from 32% in 2020 to 75% in 2023. This increase also reflects the increase in same sex couples pursuing surrogacy from the US and around the world.

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