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How Old Is Too Old To Have A Baby 1024x1024

How Old is Too Old to Have a Baby?

If you’re into your 30s or approaching your late 30s, you might begin asking, how old is too old to have a baby?    The truth is, while your body continues to

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Will the Baby Look Like the Surrogate?

“Will the baby look like the surrogate?” If you’re considering surrogacy for your pregnancy, you may find yourself wondering if you will always see the surrogate’s facial features in your baby’s eyes.

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What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Here at SurrogateFirst, we want you to understand gestational surrogacy and what it entails. Here, we break down what a gestational surrogate is and how they differ from traditional surrogates. This will be especially

Becoming an Intended Parent!

  Becoming an Intended Parent!  With 1 in 8 couples experiencing infertility, a number that is predicted to rise, it is no surprise that intended parent surrogacy are becoming more of