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Surrogacy Experiences from Gestational Carrieres

Below you will find surrogacy advice from one of our gestational carriers so that you can begin the process of becoming a surrogate with comfort. As always, we encourage everyone’s participation in our blogs by asking any questions you may have, as well as asking our seasoned surrogates to share more awesome advice!    

Experienced Surrogates’ Advice

  • Jessica, a gestational surrogate, says “Make sure you are done with your family. My husband and I decided years ago we were done having kids so I had a long time to process it all. Also, make sure your partner is on board 100%. I couldn’t have done this without mine!”
  • Michelle, a gestational surrogate, says “Know your WHY and keep it on the top of your mind. Join surrogacy groups and ask questions before signing contracts. Pad yourself in protection as much as possible. Expect the unexpected and do your best to be open minded, have resilience, have patience, and have no expectations for how the relationship will be after delivery.” After researching, educating herself, and making an informed decision, Michelle opted to be a surrogate for SurrogateFirst because of the extraordinary care, support, and legal representation/counsel she received.
  • Amber, one of our seasoned surrogates, stressed the importance of matching with a family that inspires you. “The journey will not always be easy–it will be difficult at times. Having intended parents who inspire you to do this journey will make the difficult times much easier.  Having a strong support system that you can depend on is very important, as is remembering that you need not rush the surrogacy process.” 
  • Mary, a gestational carrier, encourages others not to rush the process. “Be your own advocate, make sure you understand everything, and ask questions when you have them.”  Mary also stated that SurrogateFirst “empowered me to be my own advocate; the staff always made themselves available to answer any questions.”  

Key Surrogacy Takeaways

  1. Take care of yourself. First and foremost, your health is essential to a successful surrogacy process.
  2. Stay in touch with your surrogacy professional. Remember that open communication is key in surrogacy.
  3. Use your surrogacy support system.
  4. Speak up if you have surrogacy questions or concerns.
  5. Be flexible and accept that your surrogacy journey may take some time.
  6. Follow your heart when choosing your intended parents.
  7. Document your surrogacy journey.
  8. Keep the intended parents involved.

     As with any new experience in life, there are often many questions and sometimes even fear surrounding this new experience.  But, there can also be a sense of peace, comfort and confidence when you are given advice/knowledge from someone who has already been through that experience.  At SurrogateFirst, we provide you with information, education, and gestational carrier (GC) experiences, and even more importantly, assigns you with one of their experienced staff members who walks with you through every step of the surrogacy journey. 

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