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Induced Lactation Quick Guide 1024x1024

What Is Third-Party Reproduction?

Third-party reproduction is defined as when someone, other than the parents directly involved in childbirth, assist in the fertility process. Third-party reproduction can come in many forms, so we’ll go

Surrogacy Lawyers Roles And Responsibilities 2048x2048

Surrogacy Attorneys – What to Know If You Need One

Surrogacy attorneys play a crucial role in handling financial compensation, child custody, and a variety of other issues that can arise during your journey. Photo by August de Richelieu Additionally,

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California Surrogacy: Everything You Should Know

If you’re considering a California surrogacy journey, you’re in luck. It’s one of the most accessible states for intended parents and surrogates alike. The good news is that California simplifies the

Military Wives Surrogate Mothers 480x480

Why Military Wives Make Great Surrogate Mothers

If you’re considering taking the journey into surrogacy, you must meet specific qualifications as a gestational carrier. Usually, most candidates assume that only medical history counts, but being a surrogate

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Being a Surrogate: What It’s Actually Like

Ever wonder what it’s like being a surrogate going through the approval process? If so, you’re not alone–in fact, a growing number of women are considering this life-changing opportunity. Table