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Researching Surrogacy Agencies: Top Questions You Should Ask

So you’ve decided it’s time for you to finally start your family! Congratulations! ????

However, this is just the beginning of your journey. Starting a family for some can be difficult, but being equipped with the right information can save you so much time and energy!

In this webinar about the s urrogacy process, you will learn about how to do the rresearch necessary to have an optimal, successful journey that is comfortable and communicative!

Our very own Karina Hofacker, SurrogateFirst’s intake coordinator, explains:

Key insights

🔍Researching surrogacy agencies: Finding the right fit is crucial for a successful surrogacy journey.
🍪Everyone should feel protected and have separate legal representation and escrow in surrogacy agreements.
🛡️Surrogates should always be put first and protected, as they are someone’s daughter, mother, partner, and best friend.
🤰The more benefits an agency offers, the better qualified they are to protect you throughout the surrogacy journey.
👶Make sure to communicate your preferences and be comfortable with the parents you choose to work with as a surrogate.
🔍Trust your gut and research thoroughly to find the right surrogacy agency that aligns with your core values and makes you feel comfortable and respected

(03:12) i. Agency & Staff History – who are they and what are their core values: What matches your personality?

(05:26) ii. Availability: Someone always available 24/7 for emergencies? Something always comes up and you need that level of support…

(06:03) iii. Red Flags: ie Does the agency have in-house lawyers and escrow?

(08:35) iv. Surrogate compensation, reimbursement and benefits transparency

(10:16) v. #SurrogacyScreening requirements and pre-qualification!

(12:03) vi. Communication, trusting your gut, and reading the reviews!

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