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How To Find An Asian Egg Donor 2022 1024x1024

How to find an Asian egg donor

Asian egg donors are in high demand for several reasons. Mainly, there aren’t as many Asian egg donors in the US to meet the demand. Image courtesy of Pexels @cottonbro.

Surrogacy Insurance Options 480x480

Exploring Surrogacy Insurance Options

Health insurance is one of the most vital topics we discuss with intended parents and potential surrogate mothers. Some assume that their spouse’s health coverage will suffice and pay for

Military Wives Surrogate Mothers 480x480

Why Military Wives Make Great Surrogate Mothers

If you’re considering taking the journey into surrogacy, you must meet specific qualifications as a gestational carrier. Usually, most candidates assume that only medical history counts, but being a surrogate

Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy 480x480

Does my insurance cover surrogacy too?

One of the most common questions we hear at SurrogateFirst is:  does health insurance cover all surrogacy costs, including prenatal and postpartum care? Table of Contents 1. Does insurance cover

Surrogacy Webinar Potential Risks To My Surrogacy 1024x1024

Potential RISKS to Your Surrogacy? Surrogacy Webinar

Potential Risks to Surrogacy Ashley Mareko, our wonderful three-time surrogate and Surrogacy Coordinator, shares her insights into the potential risks to being a surrogate. Although surrogacy is usually a safe