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Being A Surrogate What Is It Like 1024x1024

Being a Surrogate: What It’s Actually Like

Ever wonder what it’s like being a surrogate going through the approval process? If so, you’re not alone–in fact, a growing number of women are considering this life-changing opportunity. Table

TOP 5 Surrogacy “Stereotypes” Explained

Surrogacy is commonly misunderstood and associated with misleading stereotypes of those that become gestational carriers. In today’s session we will share the TOP 5 most common stereotypes faced by surrogates and

Types Of Surrogacy 1024x1024

How to Ship Breast Milk

Because a gestational surrogate produces breast milk after the baby is delivered to the intended parents, sometimes they wonder how to ship the breast milk to the newborn’s family.  

Egg Donor Requirements 2022 1024x1024

Requirements to Donate Eggs (Ovum)

When it comes to donating eggs (ovum), the health and well-being of our ovum donors and surrogates are our top priority.  Table of Contents 1. What is egg donation anyways? 2.

Mexican Surrogacy 1024x1024

Is Mexican Surrogacy Legal and Safe?

Surrogacy in Mexico may seem like an attractive choice from a cost perspective. Here’s what mothers should expect when considering surrogacy options south of the border.   Table of Contents 1. Is

Commercial Surrogacy 1024x1024

Commercial Surrogacy–Everything You Need to Know

At SurrogateFirst, our agency strives to provide intended parents with the full range of commercial surrogacy services. Truly, our passion is helping couples or single individuals fulfill their dream of

Types Of Surrogacy 1024x1024

What are the different types of surrogacy?

You may not know that there are several types of surrogacy, so we strive to provide accurate information from the start of your surrogacy journey.   Table of Contents 1.