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Surrogacy Match Meetings: What to Expect, Tips & More!

If you're an intended parent seeking a surrogate, you may have preconceptions about the surrogacy match process.

A common one, for example, is that match meetings in surrogacy occur when you meet the surrogate face-to-face, or even virtually! In reality however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our very own surrogacy intake coordinator, Maxime Lebouteiller, dispels these surrogacy match myths and more in this week’s surrogacy webinar:


  1. Questions to ask
  2. Questions that get asked
  3. Important items that need to be covered
  4. Surrogacy contracts that came out differently than what was agreed upon.
  5. Summary of surrogacy match meetings


Match meetings build the foundation not only for your relationship throughout your journey, but for legal contracts as well. Not in our agency, but we have seen broken matches that occur in the legal phase.

You want to make sure you are the right match, and we explore the ins and outs of how to achieve that!

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