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Surrogate Birth Plan

Surrogate Birth Plan [WEBINAR]

Learn about a Surrogate’s Birth Plan to understand how to end your surrogacy journey successfully. You need to have a well-planned surrogate birth plan firmly in place to be prepared for all the potential scenarios. Watch the webinar here!

Intended Parent Webinar: Finding the Right Agency

In a sea of agencies to select from who is the best surrogacy agency for you? This webinar shares with intended parents the best practices in evaluating and selecting a surrogacy agency partner. 

Surrogate Webinar: Finding the Right Agency

Too many agencies to choose from? Learn what 3 key questions every surrogate must ask in order to effectively evaluate if an agency is a good fit. We also share 3 “red flag” warning signs that an agency may not be a good fit for you. 

Webinar: Building Your Surrogacy Dream Team

Surrogacy at first glance is a complex and lengthy process; fraught with legal and financial uncertainties. However, with the right “Dream Team” of experienced professionals your journey can become a well-planned, stress free, and efficiently executed experience from start to finish.