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Intended Parent Survey 2023

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SurrogateFirst’s Intended Parent Survey 2023 shares the results from experienced intended parents that started their families via surrogacy and those that are considering surrogacy. Our goal is to share data driven findings based on real surrogacy experiences that will bring key learnings for future intended parents, to help further educate society about the needed support intended parents need to start a family and to support the surrogacy community as a whole. Please review the executive summary below or follow this link:

  • Surrogacy Awareness – Intended parents initial awareness and research on surrogacy is increasingly conducted online, specifically Google, and social media. Traditional channels such as word of mouth and professional referrals remain strong sources of awareness as well. 
  • Infertility “Heavy Toll” on Intended Parents – Infertility exacts a heavy toll on intended parents in lost time (3.6 years of trying to conceive), financial and physical burdens (3.8 rounds of IVF) as well as experiencing a negative impact on their mental health (74%). 
  • Infertility Strengthens Relationships – Respondents who experienced infertility and decided to use surrogacy to have a child mentioned that infertility has strengthened or significantly strengthened their relationship with a partner (77%). 
  • Smooth Surrogate Selection – Intended parents cared most about a surrogate’s pregnancy history, age and location in the surrogate selection process. On average, intended parents reviewed 4.2 profiles and took 4.3 months before a successful match. 
  • Rocky Road Ahead – 53% of surrogacy journeys experienced a broken match, however, once matched, 80% became pregnant after the first IVF transfer. 
  • Positive Experiences – Upon finishing their surrogacy journeys, 94% of intended parents expressed satisfaction with their overall surrogacy journey. Intended parents were most satisfied with their surrogates and least satisfied with the delivery experience. 
  • 3 Biggest Concerns – #1 Cost – financial burden of surrogacy, #2 Unsuccessful Conception – the fear and anguish of not able to start a family, #3 Trust – entrusting someone else to be responsible for the fetus’s health.  
  • Best Words of Advice – Experienced intended parents share their advice for a smooth journey: #1. Be knowledgeable – carefully research the process, #2. Be Patient – it’s a long and complicated journey so don’t rush, #3. Surrogate Relationship – build a strong relationship with your surrogate from the very beginning. 
  • Intended Parent Financial Challenges 
    • #1 Intended Parent Concern – Financial Burden. The majority of intended parents considering surrogacy (76%), report financial hardship impact as a moderate to significant burden. 
    • Surrogacy is mainly self-funded, (87%), due to lack of access to bank loans, scholarships and company provided benefits; which is the main driver of the financial burden to intended parents. 
    • Intended Parents are under budgeting the total cost of surrogacy by 23% on average;  furthermore, 60% of journeys cost $150,000 or more while only 27% budgeted for this range. 
    • Intended parent compensation to surrogates is increasing by 13%, from $43,000 to $49,000. On average, current surrogates expect to be paid $60,000, reflecting a 21% compensation expectation gap. 


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