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How to find an Asian egg donor

Asian egg donors are in high demand for several reasons. Mainly, there aren’t as many Asian egg donors in the US to meet the demand.

how to find an asian egg donor 2022

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Why are Asian egg donors in high demand?

In short–demand for Asian egg donors outpaces demand by a wide margin in the surrogacy space. This market has been under-served for a while, as this article in the LA Times discusses.

Still, eggs from Asian donors aren’t automatically more viable or “better” than eggs from other races.

Another factor driving demand for Asian donors comes from the cost of the surrogacy journey in America overall. These costs can be lowered substantially when the egg donor comes from Asia.

Costs associated with using an Asian egg donor

Depending on the source, statistics have shown that people of Asian descent rank among the most affordable donors for surrogacy.

No matter how you approach surrogacy, costs can vary widely as the pregnancy moves along. For instance, the surrogate mother may need extra medical care if she is having a difficult time, so that costs would go up in this situation. Likewise, a lengthy search for an egg donor could also drive up the cost of the surrogacy arrangement.

Asian egg donors are in high demand primarily due to limited supply, but one of the least understood reasons for this trend is also the loosening of policies in Asia. Traditionally, surrogacy hasn’t even been allowed in many Asian countries, so it’s still a relatively new avenue to make extra income overseas.

How to choose an Asian egg donor

Nevertheless, no matter where you find an egg donor, you’ll still have to go through the same screening process to determine whether or not the donor is suitable!

One must consider the demographic requirements as well as the medical prerequisites. The best egg donors are usually among the younger cohorts between the ages of 18-29, when the ovum is most likely to become fertilized naturally.

Along those lines, a donor’s physical fitness comes into the equation, too, since most fertility clinics recommend that donors have a body-mass index less than 30.

In other words, many different types of women can be donors since a 30 BMI is average. It’s also wise to see whether or not the egg donor has a healthy reproductive history if that information is readily available with an Asian donor.

You’ll also want a non-smoker who lives in a non-smoking household and has no history of congenital disabilities or multiple miscarriages.

After all, the health and well-being of the surrogate and the baby are paramount!

Additional considerations when using an Asian egg donor 

What else should you be aware of before making an egg donor decision?

As an intended parent, you have every right to inquire about the donor’s education level and any other unique skills like above-average intelligence or athleticism. No matter what, the eggs you choose will be anonymous, but a fertility clinic will be able to provide a broad profile of who actually donated the ovum.

Furthermore, it’s good practice to have a doctor sign off on the donor’s viability because the fertilization process can take weeks before the surrogate completes the successful embryo transfer. You’ll want to ensure you have a high chance of success because in-vitro fertilization is not guaranteed. 

Ultimately, whether or not you decide to use an Asian egg donor, the idea is to give yourself a range of options from which to choose. 

If you aren’t of Asian descent, you may not have considered an Asian egg donor for your surrogacy journey. However, in many cases, it is a viable, affordable option to help bring your family a young one.

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