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SurrogateFirst’s Wellness Program with “Strength & Grace”

SurrogateFirst’s Wellness Program, created specifically with surrogates in mind, encompasses every stage of your journey from pre-conception, each trimester, and three months postpartum (“4th” trimester).  We provide a holistic approach consisting of nutrition, fitness and relaxation guidance from passionate professionals at Strength & Grace. Meet them below!

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Listen to the full webinar about our Surrogacy Wellness Program below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

 Part 3:

What is our surrogate wellness program?  

Our wellness program is a 12-month plan run by wellness experts Corry Matthews, M.S in Sports Medicine and Stacia Kelly, PhD in Holistic Health and Hypnosis.  We provide fitness and nutrition programming for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and 3 months post-delivery 

The wellness program’s main objective is to assist surrogates in having a healthy journey, and to get you back to your regular life as fast as possible post-birth. 

What are the benefits of becoming a surrogate with us?  

All of our surrogates are granted access to the below programs:

  • Fitness and Nutrition Programming for Pre-Pregnancy, During Pregnancy and 3 Months Post Delivery
  • Access to all of Strength & Grace’s recipes, blog posts and downloadable meditations
  • Monthly “Wellness Chat’s” that are a LIVE Q&A format open to all surrogates
  • Ability to interact directly with Corry & Stacia – the wellness experts behind Strength & Grace via email, text, posts in the Surrogate First FB Support Group* and by Scheduling a live call.
  • All surrogates are offered an initial goal setting session to cover their current health and wellness, and discuss goals for pre-conception, pregnancy and both delivery.
  • Weekly emails with fitness & nutrition tips along with healthy recipes

*For fastest response, surrogates are asked to tag Corry or Stacia within the FB group with their health and wellness questions. 

Steps to access the Surrogate Wellness Program?  

Here is how surrogate’s will access our exclusive wellness program!

  • You will receive an initial email upon signing a contract with SurrogateFirst
  • Next, you will receive an assessment form from the Strength and Grace team
  • We will set up an initial call to kick off the program
  • We will also schedule monthly Zoom calls with you to discuss your wellness and progress

We will also be available as needed for scheduled calls, or, if you have impromptu questions, you can always reach us in the FB group. 

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