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Surrogates Display Unwavering Dedication to Family Equality

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However, these new laws have cast a pall of uncertainty, raising serious concerns for intended parents and surrogates alike about the future of family-building journeys.

Surrogates’ Unshakable Resolve

Despite the legal obstacles we now face, an overwhelming 68% of surrogates remain steadfastly resolute in our mission to assist families. I am among them. These laws will not deter me from my path – nothing will.

As M, a two-time surrogate said, “I became a surrogate to make a difference, not for personal gain. No ruling can shake my commitment to helping create families.”

Surrogates’ Strengthened Motivation

Remarkably, 43% of us report having an even stronger motivation now to pursue surrogacy due to the challenges posed by personhood rulings. For me, my drive has never been higher to be there for the intended parents who need us most during this difficult time.

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The story of surrogate J, who had been wavering about another journey, encapsulates this renewed vigor – “These laws made me realize how crucial it is that we surrogates stand up to support the dream of parenthood.”

Navigating with Resilience

While the legal landscape has shifted, a reassuring 91% of surrogates have not yet encountered major roadblocks from the new legislation in our surrogacy journeys. My own experience has been relatively smooth sailing so far.

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As Jeff Hu, CEO of SurrogateFirst, stated, “The full impacts may not have trickled down yet, but the resilience of surrogates will help navigate any turbulence ahead.”

Empathy for Intended Parents’ Plight

We surrogates understand the profound difficulties these laws have created for the intended parents’ family-building efforts. A staggering 57% of us express negative sentiments about the ramifications they now face.

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Furthermore, more than half of surrogates recognize that same-sex intended parents face even greater challenges due to these personhood laws.

As a community that relies heavily on IVF and surrogacy to have children, the LGBTQ+ family’s path to parenthood is now blocked by more hurdles than ever before.


The road ahead may be fraught with more legal hurdles that test our resilience. But we surrogates remain unwavering in our dedication to the intended parents whose family dreams have been jeopardized.

Our role is indispensable in ensuring they can realize the most profound wish of all – to build a family. I call on all surrogates and intended parents to stand united, supporting one another’s journeys and advocating relentlessly until the path to parenthood is clear once more.

SurrogateFirst stands with all intended parents, and we urge you to sign this petition from Resolve to stand with the 1 in 6 people who face barriers to building a family.

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