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Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy Partnership with SurrogateFirst!

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SurrogateFirst is excited to announce its partnership with Taiwan LBGT Family Rights Advocacy (TLFRA)!

They are an organization whose mission is to advocate for same-sex parents’ enjoyment of full equality of family rights. Same-sex marriages in Taiwan became legal in May of 2019, yet LGBT families are not legally allowed to use artificial reproductive technology, like their heterosexual counterparts, and have thus chosen to use artificial reproduction and surrogacy services overseas to fulfill their dream of being parents.  

SurrogateFirst is proud to sponsor the upcoming Men Having Babies Conference, “Parenting Options for Asian Gay Men” in Taiwan, Friday and Saturday, October 2 & 3rd

Please click here to register and find out more information. Check Men Having Babies website for a recording of the Budgeting Panel (along with all the other great learning sessions), which SurrogateFirst will be a featured speaker.      

SurrogateFirst is an active member of Men Having Babies, participating in its Gay Parenting Assistance Programs (GPAP), which provide financial assistance to those who qualify. SurrogateFirst are frequent speakers at its virtual webinars and sponsors many of their global conferences.  SurrogateFirst looks forward to helping more Asian gay men realize their dreams of having children.  

SurrogateFirst is composed 100% of former intended parents and experienced surrogates. Our founders have 10+ years of living in greater China assisting Intended Parents with international IVF services and surrogacy.  Our team members Mandarin with staff in the region ready to serve you. At SurrogateFirst, you will have a team dedicated to serving you through every step of your journey so your path to parenthood is exceptional in every way. 

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