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Who Is SurrogateFirst and What Do We Stand For?

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The inspiration for our surrogacy agency came from our most coveted values: endurance, change, hope, and life. We strive to reflect the experience of a real life surrogate and encompass its great effects on the people along for the journey.

Successful surrogates possess and embrace these attributes.  

Our mission is to be the best partner to our surrogates in terms of providing for their health, safety and financial security.  All members of our team have firsthand surrogacy experience as either expert surrogates, intended parents or infertility medical professionals. We respectfully and transparently assist in designing a plan to navigate the ambitious process from surrogate and intended parent matching, legal, escrow management, and all related medical procedures including pregnancy and birth/post birth services.     

Surrogate’s Experience

Imagine being able to give someone the gift of new life. 

Imagine being the recipient of emotional and financial blessings for your time and effort, and having a customized wellness plan executed for every stage of your journey. 

Enjoying a soothing massage that relaxes and rejuvenates the body and being treated like you are someone’s #1 priority! Surrogates experience additional gestational services, and walk with you through every step of the way, assisting you to make the best-informed decisions for you and your family. Our knowledgeable staff created Surrogate First to:

  1. Provide security: protect surrogate health, safety and ensure best interest financially too 
  2. Experienced professionals: providing expert care at the highest level of excellence
  3. Customized Care: designated coordinator with you each step of the way to provide support so you can make informed decisions
  4. Compensation Transparency: competitive packages that are easy to understand and cover all scenarios  
  5. Wellness Program: customized 12 month program, including the “4th trimester” supporting you back to peak after birth health 

Intended Parents’ Experience

Imagine being the recipient of the ultimate gift of life.

Holding that precious baby you’ve dreamt of for so many years is as fulfilling as promised. At Surrogate First, delivery this feeling is our ultimate goal for our intended parents. We focus on providing the best surrogate experiences ensuring a perfect surrogate match, setting clear and transparent expectations, and employing adapted coordination and integration techniques necessary to handle this special life event with care.

Infertility has no boundaries–1 in 8 couples seek infertility treatment regardless of socioeconomic, gender or family configuration. While many families and individuals don’t have medical access to surrogate and gestational services due to legal restrictions making the journey more challenging, we proudly serve families of all different orientations and citizenship statuses at every step of the intended parent journey.     

Surrogacy Intended Parent Process 

  • Surrogate Selection – matching, background check, cost negotiation
  • Legal Services – Agreements, negotiation, notarization     
  • Surrogate Screening – Medical, psychological, IP interview
  • Surrogate Management – medical & life insurance, check-up, home visits
  • Due Date & Delivery – coordination with attorneys, doctors, IP and surrogate
  • Post Birth Services – travel documents, medical check ups, nursery service

Our Blog

Imagine a resource, for both Surrogates and IP’s, that answer your questions, concerns, and share heartfelt stories of surrogacy journeys that are an invaluable resource to you in making this life changing decision. Imagine no more because Surrogate First has committed to consistently providing the answers to all the burning issues to you through our blog tackling the good, not so good, rewarding, and most pressing issues through our new blog.  We look forward to growing and getting to know each of you through this blog as we explore the facets of surrogacy and share real life experiences of our Surrogates and IP’s. Some of our upcoming blog topics will include:  

Being a Surrogate: Beyond the Requirements 

Surrogate Requirements Explained

Surrogate Compensation 101 

Surrogate Journey Timeline 

When is Surrogacy the Best Option?

Pros and Cons of Being a Surrogate / IP

Personal Stories: IP and Surrogate

What to Expect? Surrogate and IP Relationships 

Top 3 Tips to Find the Perfect Match 

Top Questions to ask During Match Interview  

Professional Advice: Surrogates, IP’s, Attorney’s & Fertility Doctors 

There are many more we topics we will explore, and would love to have your input on the blogs we post, as well as ideas you may have. Comment below!

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