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Why Families Call Us The ‘Best Surrogacy Agency’

We’re here to shepherd you through the beautiful – and sometimes unexpected – journey to have the best surrogacy ever.

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There’s so much information we want you to know before you make a final choice on the best surrogacy agency because we actually care about your family’s well-being.

Whether you’re a surrogate or an intended parent, our program offers an extraordinarily detailed, comprehensive process to answer the most common questions our clients ask. 

The reality of the surrogacy field is that some agencies fall short of the mark when trying to manage the process from start to finish. So we built our reputation on providing only the best planning and case management.

Undoubtedly, we’d prefer that you choose our agency when comparing surrogacy programs. Still, the question remains: what are the most critical qualities of the country’s best surrogacy agencies?

You could ask 100 different questions about an agency’s processes, costs, and services. The trouble is that you’ll likely get confused without a guide to interpreting the fine details because surrogacy encompasses everything from state laws to cutting-edge fertility science.

That’s why we’ve put together the top three questions you need to ask before pinpointing the best surrogacy agency to help you start the family you’ve always wanted.

Top 3 questions to ask a surrogate agency 

Mainly, you’d be performing due diligence by asking an agency:

  • Are all of your surrogates pre-qualified ahead of time?
  • How do you pre-qualify a surrogate?
  • What does the agency cost, and exactly how do you charge fees?

Let’s go through each one and flesh out the details a bit more.

Are all of your surrogates pre-qualified ahead of time? 

Any agency that is serious about the connection between surrogacy and service will only provide you with your choice of pre-qualified surrogate candidates.

An agency that only provides pre-qualified surrogates demonstrates that they’re willing to invest time, resources, and money up front to ensure that the surrogate has a high chance to pass medical clearance and qualify for the program.

It’s a vital part of the process that some agencies don’t do, but we have years of experience. Pre-qualification benefits all parties involved to ensure a successful match and the ultimate goal of starting a family.

A comprehensive surrogacy agency does all of the hard work ahead of time before presenting intended parents with a range of different surrogates to choose from. Likewise, surrogates understand that they are, indeed, eligible and ready to begin the journey.

In the end, intended parents can be confident that they’re only reviewing qualified surrogates.

How do you pre-qualify a surrogate?

In our experience, pre-qualification is only the beginning, so how do you actually go about the pre-qualification process? What facets matter, and which ones don’t? 

At the very least, an agency should perform the following steps.

Psychological evaluation by a certified family counselor or licensed psychologist

Psychological screening’s primary purpose isn’t necessarily to unveil hidden disorders and dark secrets; it’s to ensure that the surrogate understands what a life-altering commitment they’re about to make.

There’s an interesting relationship between carrying a child to term and the emotional bond that will naturally develop, not if. We make sure that our surrogates anticipate it, and we’re prepared to offer the right counseling ahead of time.

Drug test

Ordinarily, businesses use a 5-panel drug screen to detect drug use in job applicants or current employees. But surrogacy is such a medically sensitive endeavor that we must recommend a 10-panel drug test that is more precise and more thorough to ensure the newborn’s health.

Medical records review of all previous pregnancies

Some of the best surrogate candidates are already mothers themselves, going through a pregnancy and delivering a healthy child. It’s common practice to review all pregnancy-related medical records, and the process could take as long as a month to complete.

At SurrogateFirst, we only provide 100 percent, pre-qualified surrogate candidates!

How much does surrogacy cost, and exactly how do you charge fees?

The bottom line is this: the cost of agencies varies widely, usually based on the level of services provided. The specific requirements of the intended parents also have a significant impact on price too.

For instance, the client’s agency services could be international or strictly service a domestic market. Make sure you know what you agree to and that there are no surprise charges down the line.

Retainer versus success-based pricing

Traditional agencies may charge a retainer or request a deposit before working with the intended parents. But more progressive agencies share the risk with intended parents and have no upfront fees and only charge based on success.

Some agencies may charge you for certain milestones like a successful matching or a successful medical screening, but not us! 

SurrogateFirst has a No Match, No Fee policy that shows its commitment to clients, resulting in rapid matches.

What makes SurrogateFirst different from the rest?

There are many agencies out there, and many are very well operated. Common ways to evaluate an agency include experience, size, success rate, and good old-fashioned word of mouth. 

But our core values set us apart at SurrogateFirst!

We operate our agency under the principles of compassion and expertise, including a commitment to genuinely personal interactions.

In the end, we hope that we’ve made choosing the best surrogacy agency easier to understand – and what makes us the best choice overall.

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About SurrogateFirst 

At SurrogateFirst, we’re a boutique surrogate agency specializing in quickly matching intended parents around the world with our fully-vetted, exceptional surrogates.

We help individuals and couples, regardless of race or sexual orientation, build their families through the miracle of surrogacy. 

Every team member at SurrogateFirst is either a former intended parent or an experienced surrogate herself. We also have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to have an incredible, successful surrogate journey.

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