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Is Surrogacy Legal in New York?

If you’re wondering if surrogacy is legal in New York, there’s an essential change to surrogacy laws that may affect you and your partner’s eligibility to participate in gestational surrogacy. For far

Intended Parent Webinar: Finding the Right Agency

In a sea of agencies to select from who is the best surrogacy agency for you? This webinar shares with intended parents the best practices in evaluating and selecting a surrogacy agency partner. 

Webinar: Building Your Surrogacy Dream Team

Surrogacy at first glance is a complex and lengthy process; fraught with legal and financial uncertainties. However, with the right “Dream Team” of experienced professionals your journey can become a well-planned, stress free, and efficiently executed experience from start to finish. 
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What is an ERA (Endometrial receptivity analysis) test?

What is an era, you’re asking? Endometrial receptivity analyses have been helpful to reproductive medical specialists seeking to identify the reasons why normal embryos fail to implant. We know that certain uterine

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How to Become a Surrogate [WEBINAR]

Learn “How to Become a Surrogate” from an experienced surrogate to decide if surrogacy is right for you. Watch the webinar here!

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What is a RhoGAM Shot?

RhoGAM is an immunity support injection administered during pregnancy for people with a negative blood type. The purpose of the RhoGAM shot is to prevent problems that occur due to the baby’s positive blood type. It

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Surrogacy Process Step-by-Step Guide [WEBINAR]

  Learn about the surrogacy process, step by step, from an experienced surrogate to understand the details of the surrogacy journey.  Watch the webinar here: Three-time surrogate,?Ashley Mareko, shares first-hand experience about the

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Same-Sex Surrogacy in Taiwan [WEBINAR]

??????????????  Want to watch the full surrogacy webinar? Please find the webinar about same-sex surrogacy in Taiwan recorded here: On January 8th SurrogateFirst Founders, Lina Li & Jeff Hu, were