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Gestational Surrogacy License Acquired by SurrogateFirst

After months of rigorous screening, SurrogateFirst is excited to announce that we are now an officially licensed Gestational Surrogacy program in the state of New York.


This achievement comes on the heels of a major legislative victory for intended parents across the state  Prior to 2021, New York law banned all forms of compensated surrogacy, forcing families to seek options outside of their home state. The Child Parent Security Act, signed into law early last year, effectively overturned that ban by legalizing gestational surrogacy in the state.

The new law contains a host of stipulations governing the ways in which intended parents and surrogates structure surrogacy agreements.  Only 15 agencies have been approved to practice as licensed gestational surrogacy programs under the new law. SurrogateFirst is currently the first and only surrogacy agency in California to achieve licensure.

As an agency composed entirely of former intended parents and experienced surrogates, we are proud and excited to assist intended parents in New York as they navigate the journey to surrogacy.

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About SurrogateFirst 

At SurrogateFirst, we’re a boutique surrogate agency specializing in quickly matching intended parents around the world with our fully-vetted, exceptional surrogates. 

We help individuals and couples, regardless of race or sexual orientation, build their families through the miracle of surrogacy. 

Every team member at SurrogateFirst is either a former intended parent or an experienced surrogate herself. We also have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to have an incredible, successful surrogate journey.

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