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SurrogateFirst Team Featured on VICE News

surrogate agency on vice news

At SurrogateFirst, we love to celebrate teamwide wins!

SurrogateFirst was recently featured on VICE News after being interviewed about Covid vaccinations for surrogates.

Program Director, Ashley Mareko, shared many real-life instances of surrogate and intended parent interactions when faced with the unique question about being vaccinated before and during pregnancy.

At SurrogateFirst, we always follow the guidelines of the CDC and ASRM for best practices when advising our clients. However, we understand that for surrogates and all parties, getting vaccinated is a very personal choice. We respect the decisions of all parties involved. 

In some cases, intended parents and surrogates agree that vaccination is best and in other cases both parties agree to not vaccinate and take the proper precautions to maintain a safe and healthy surrogacy journey.

From our experience, about 50% of our surrogates decide that they prefer to not be vaccinated and so we guide them in finding the best-fitting intended parents that share the same values.

The VICE News article about surrogates and vaccination is full of great insights so please do spend the time to read the full article here.  

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