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Is Nevada a Good State for Surrogacy?

The amazing location and support system in Nevada makes it a great state to be a surrogate, as well as a great state for intended parents and surrogacy overall.

Surrogate Birth Plan

Surrogate Birth Plan [WEBINAR]

Learn about a Surrogate’s Birth Plan to understand how to end your surrogacy journey successfully. You need to have a well-planned surrogate birth plan firmly in place to be prepared for all the potential scenarios. Watch the webinar here!
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SurrogateFirst Team Featured on VICE News

At SurrogateFirst, we love to celebrate teamwide wins! SurrogateFirst was recently featured on VICE News after being interviewed about Covid vaccinations for surrogates. Program Director, Ashley Mareko, shared many real-life

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What is an ERA (Endometrial receptivity analysis) test?

What is an era, you’re asking? Endometrial receptivity analyses have been helpful to reproductive medical specialists seeking to identify the reasons why normal embryos fail to implant. We know that certain uterine

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How to Become a Surrogate [WEBINAR]

Learn “How to Become a Surrogate” from an experienced surrogate to decide if surrogacy is right for you. Watch the webinar here!

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Surrogacy Process Step-by-Step Guide [WEBINAR]

  Learn about the surrogacy process, step by step, from an experienced surrogate to understand the details of the surrogacy journey.  Watch the webinar here: Three-time surrogate,?Ashley Mareko, shares first-hand experience about the

Surrogate Qualifications Explained [WEBINAR]

Watch our webinar “Surrogate Qualifications Explained” from our resident experienced surrogate to understand the first steps of the surrogacy journey.  Watch the surrogacy webinar here: Three-time surrogate,?Ashley Mareko, shares surrogacy qualifications in one of