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Being a Surrogate For A Friend: What To Know To Make The Right Choice

When you’re thinking about being a surrogate for a friend, you must know the essentials to make the right choice. Otherwise, you could harm the relationship you spent so long building and nurturing throughout the years. No matter how you look at the pros and cons, it’s never an easy choice to become a surrogate for someone you know.

With all the legal and medical screenings, the last thing you want is for unforeseen disputes and difficulties to impact your close relationship with your friends, and that’s why we rely on such a thorough process at our agency, even if it’s an altruistic surrogacy

So, with that in mind, here are the facts about being a surrogate for a friend and why you may ultimately decide to follow through and take the first steps toward an incredibly fulfilling journey.



Things to consider when being a surrogate for a friend

The truth is that even an altruistic surrogate – a surrogate who agrees to carry a child to term for no monetary compensation – may not fully appreciate the magnitude of the commitment she is about to make. Without a doubt, it’s not something anyone should do lightly, and it’s especially not something you do as an ordinary favor. There are still health risks involved, so it’s important to consider all the variables as you make your decision.

You might think you’re comfortable with this type of medical treatment, but sometimes, surrogates can have side effects to the fertility drugs they have to take. You may be willing to undergo the treatment but not be able to tolerate the drugs.  In-vitro fertilization and similar procedures have evolved leaps and bounds but it may take a few tries to become pregnant. The last thing we want is a disagreement during a surrogacy that can potentially damage your friendship. Emotions can run high during any pregnancy, and a surrogate mother’s experience is precisely the same as a normal pregnancy, except for the need to undergo fertility procedures.

Benefit and challenges of being a surrogate for a friend

No matter which way you decide, the idea is to thoroughly understand the magnitude of the commitment you’re about to make to someone who wants to start a family.

The biggest benefit of being a surrogate for a friend is the fulfillment that comes with helping your friend and loved one achieve something they never imagined: holding a newborn baby in their arms for the first time.

No matter how you look at it, agreeing to an altruistic surrogacy is an act of selfless charity. But another benefit is that these surrogacy contracts are usually less complex since there is no monetary compensation.

It’s still important, no matter what, to consider the financial implications of being an altruistic surrogate for a friend – including the lack of compensation/reimbursement of the expenses involved with carrying a child.

Another drawback being a surrogate for a friend is that many altruistic surrogacy contracts don’t go far enough with respect to the parentage and custody of the child. If you’re in a verbal agreement, we strongly recommend you consult with a qualified agency first before you go any further.

In the end, the decision you make will impact you and the intended parents in more ways than you can anticipate, which is where our experience is most helpful.

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