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Benefits of Commercial Surrogacy for Intended Parents & Surrogates

When you decide to take the journey into surrogacy, you have specific financial commitments as intended parents. There’s really no such thing as a quick and easy surrogacy arrangement because there are so many details to keep in mind.

But in the end, the results are worth the time that you spend to get everything in order before your surrogate even receives her first fertility treatment. When you plan accordingly, the benefits of commercial surrogacy far outweigh the cons. If you’re considering commercial surrogacy, and are still cautious about the whole process, here’s a breakdown of the top benefits of commercial surrogacy for intended parents and surrogates.


Benefits of commercial surrogacy for intended parents

The most significant benefit of commercial surrogacy is that you’ll be able to choose from among many pre-screened and qualified candidates. The alternative is to interview each surrogate, perform background checks, as well as managing all the required medical screenings involved in surrogacy process. It’s certainly possible to do it all alone, but it’s much more cost-effective and less time-consuming when you partner with an experienced commercial surrogacy agency who will screen and qualify candidates on your behalf.

The bottom line is that when you’re not paying your surrogate for her services or time, she doesn’t have as much incentive to involve you in the pregnancy; however, commercial surrogacy is different because there’s a contract involved. A well-written commercial surrogacy contract gets ahead of any potential disagreements and potential legal issues as surrogacy laws can vary widely from state to state. Some states may not even allow for commercial surrogacy and only allow altruistic surrogacy in narrow instances. The most significant benefit of commercial surrogacy for intended parents is that an agency can help you navigate the entire process from start to finish.

Benefits of commercial surrogacy for surrogates

There are many benefits of commercial surrogacy for surrogates as well. For starters, surrogates can share their pregnancy journey with the intended parents instead of bringing the child to term alone. Her health and emotional well-being count for a lot, especially at a reputable commercial surrogacy agency that will take the time to screen candidates properly and provide continuous support throughout the process.

Financially speaking, surrogacy can be cost intensive. If the pregnancy is a commercial surrogacy, she’ll have more financial support and other resources at her disposal. And we don’t mean that she will receive a higher base compensation. Instead, we’re talking about added support for all unexpected situations that may arise, such as time off from work and a host of other expenses.  

Still, you must remember that not every commercial surrogate is entirely in it for the financial benefits alone. Many surrogates feel a deep sense of fulfillment by helping someone else start a family for the first time. We see it all the time at SurrogateFirst, and it truly is something to behold when everything works as planned.

If you are considering commercial surrogacy, as a surrogate or an intended parent, it’s worth the effort to examine the benefits of commercial surrogacy and decide whether it’s the right option for you.

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